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The Law Office of Cesar A. Montalvo helps you understand the law and protect your rights. Everyone needs legal counsel at some point in their life. Sometimes it is when exciting events are taking place, such as opening your own business and needing new contracts drafted or starting a family which compels a will and estate planning guidance. Other times it is for less fortunate circumstances such as being taken advantage of or a run in with the law.

Whatever your situation may be, The Law Offices of Cesar A. Montalvo provides compassionate legal counsel. We recognize that being in the position of needing a lawyer can be little unnerving to downright frightening. Remain calm and know that we are on your side. We take the time to get to know you personally, learn about your current issues, and invest in your case. We find that by taking a more intimate approach to legal representation, we out‐perform the competition and form long‐term relationships that help make positive change in our clients’ lives.

Call Cesar Montalvo, a San Antonio lawyer, to get acquainted and find out how we can assist you. Or fill out our contact form and we will contact you by phone or email.  El Sr. Montalvo habla español con fluidez y puede ayudarlo con todas sus inquietudes legales. Contáctenos hoy para discutir su caso.

San Antonio Lawyer, Cesar A. Montalvo, Attorney at Law

Cesar A. Montalvo, Attorney at Law

Cesar A. Montalvo enjoys simplifying the law for those who need help navigating the legal system. He is an advocate, a defender of rights, and strives to provide positive resolutions for each of the complex legal issues his clients are faced with. His goal is to build lifelong relationships to help with all of the legalities of your business and personal life.

“As the law has proven adaptive to the needs of its society, so must we operate with such flexibility. This field is an art and rarely formulaic, as I think there is a level of intimacy and transparency in the attorney‐client relationship that is of utmost importance in issue spotting for the client.”

Cesar’s philosophy stems from breaking the traditional mold and employing innovative methods to provide faster and more accessible means to the justice system. He likes to use the latest technologies to stay connected to clients and provides multiple avenues of communication so that they can reach him with ease. Cutting‐ edge software systems allow the company to work efficiently and maintain a high level of transparency with clients. From the intake process to an actual court setting, you will be confident that your case is being handled with care and attention.

Mr. Montalvo graduated from St. Mary’s University in San Antonio and received his JD from Western Michigan University Cooley Law School.

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Rebecca Montalvo, COO with San Antonio lawyer Cesar A Montalvo

Rebecca Montalvo, COO

With a background in International Business, Rebecca keeps the office running while Cesar is in the courtroom. She is a certified paralegal in the state of Texas and manages client relations, scheduling, accounting and office management. She will usually be the first one you speak to when you contact the office. Prior to joining the firm, she was a Director for San Antonio Children's Hospital and regularly traveled to partner with other children's hospitals throughout the state.

When not working, Rebecca loves to explore and learn new things, spend time with her family and spoil her dogs, Eragon and Gordita.