Construction Law

If you are in the Construction Industry, You NEED a Construction Law Attorney on Your Team.

The Construction industry is riddled with potential legal landmines and pitfalls for the unwary. Anyone in the construction chain – from the supplier to the sub‐contractor to the Property Owner – needs a lawyer proficient in construction law and business law on their team.

Construction law encompasses many different legal topics that your business will need to address as your company grows. Not only will you be dealing with matters relating to the construction itself, you will be negotiating, managing and resolving contracts, bonds, liens, and payment disputes, along with all of your other business tasks. Thus, our construction law attorneys are diversely skilled lawyers who focus on helping our clients solve problems and conduct business.

Construction Lawyers providing business law expertise

An Understanding of Business Law is Valuable to Your Company

Just as there are laws that apply to people, there is a huge body of law that applies to business. Businesses need these laws for the same reasons that people do: to define unacceptable behavior, to provide certainty and stability, to protect the public, and to provide a mechanism for businesses to resolve disputes. Thus, it’s important for business owners, including General Contractors, to have a basic understanding of business law to help them make better decisions. The team at Cesar A. Montalvo can help you to understand what rights your business has against others, help you spot potential legal issues as they come up, and help you recognize when you might need legal help in the future.

Our Construction Lawyers Ensure Your Contracts Protect Your Interests

Contracts and Agreements in the construction industry are paramount and omnipresent whether written or oral. Yes, Texas enforces oral agreements! If and when things go wrong, the language in these contracts often determines how conflicts will be resolved. Both new and existing contactor businesses need to have the appropriate systems in place in order to protect their interests as well as allow them to collect on their hard work. The construction lawyers at Cesar A. Montalvo review, negotiate, and draft contracts and agreements that best illustrate our client’s needs and intentions.

A Construction Lien Helps You Get Paid

A construction lien is designed to protect professionals from the risk of not being paid for services rendered. Both the Texas Constitution and the Texas Property Code contemplate the importance of materialmen to get paid for their work. Contractors, subcontractors, and others who perform labor or furnish material to improve real property are allowed to file construction liens. However, Texas lien law is very complicated, and many contractors lose their lien rights without even knowing. It is strongly advised that contractors seek guidance from an attorney experienced and comfortable with the specific requirements involved. The Law Offices of Cesar A. Montalvo help materialmen from small sub‐contractors to large general contractors to get paid for their work using legal tools created specifically for this industry. Learn more about which type of construction lien best fits your requirements.

Protect Yourself and Your Assets

Partner with The Law Offices of Cesar A. Montalvo. Our experienced construction law attorney will ensure contract terms are advantageous to your business, your work product is bonded, and disputes are favorably resolved. We are here to help you create your own contracts and documents or review those provided for a transaction. We work efficiently behind the scenes, so our clients can focus on what they do best.