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Criminal law is complicated and the penalties for convictions are often severe. If you find yourself arrested for a crime, contact at The Law Offices of Cesar A. Montalvo for comprehensive and honest legal counsel to discuss your options.

When your freedom is on the line, it’s important that you fully understand the charges against you. You should never enter a plea with the court until you receive competent legal counsel. With extensive knowledge of criminal law and a proven track record of courtroom success, we draw on all available resources to secure every advantage for a positive outcome. After closely examining the details of your case, our criminal lawyer in San Antonio will determine the best approach for your defense. We provide the answers you need so you can make intelligent and educated decisions. Throughout the entire process, you can count on us to work tirelessly to fight for and protect your rights and defend your interests.

San Antonio Criminal Defense Attorney

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Traffic tickets consist of minor to major violations. They can range from simple driving violations, such as not wearing a seal belt or not stopping at a stop sign, to speeding, driving without a license or hit and run, among other things.  These all come with varying penalties and potential jail time. If you do not take care of your ticket, you will not be able to renew your Texas driver license until the reported violation is resolved with the reporting court.

If you get a traffic ticket in Texas, you have three choices: plead guilty, plead no contest, or plead not guilty. It’s good to weigh your options and understand the ramifications of each choice before you submit your plea. The Law Offices of Cesar A. Montalvo can help determine which is the best way to plead depending on the specific circumstances of your violation.

With a guilty or no contest plea, you’ll be required to pay your ticket and fines. You may be able to negotiate lower fines or penalties by taking a Texas defensive driving class. Pleading not guilty is more challenging and requires drivers to present their case in court in front of a judge. If you win, you may be able to walk away with no violations on your record but you might still face fines. The court has the advantage in this situation and you should consider hiring a San Antonio traffic ticket lawyer to present your case.

Additionally, every traffic violation has either 2 or 3 points associated with it. If you are convicted of a traffic violation, the points associated with that ticket will be added to your Texas driver record —and they will remain there for 3 years from the date of your conviction. This could result in higher insurance premiums. If you continue to get traffic tickets and have 6 or more points added to your record, you will be forced to pay a surcharge every year until those points are reduced. Certain violations also carry surcharges that are automatically assessed to you once your conviction is added to your record. You’ll be required to pay the fee for 3 years from the date of conviction,

Play it safe and hire an experienced traffic ticket lawyer to help you through these challenges. The Law Offices of Cesar A. Montalvo will help minimize the disruptions associated with traffic violations and keep your driving record clean.

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The Comprehensive Legal Counsel You Need

We always want to “win” our case by getting an acquittal in the trial of the century and a diligent cross examination of the State’s witnesses. But the truth is that trials are costly and remain a gamble for the defense. It takes just one prejudicial juror or judge to destroy your case. In fact, some of the most complicated cases are “won” without a trial at all.

With a criminal defense attorney representing you, defendants can tactfully present evidence that will exonerate or cast reasonable doubt on the State's case, potentially getting it dismissed completely. At The Law Offices of Cesar A. Montalvo, PLLC., our defense attorney will look into the merits of the case in order to create the strongest trial strategy if the case must be litigated. Then we look to procedural errors that Officers may have committed that violated your Due Process under the constitution.
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We Hope you Never Have the Need for a Criminal Defense Attorney

But if you find yourself in a situation that requires a court appearance, remember that competent legal representation can sometimes mean the difference between a conviction and reduced or dropped charges. Contact us to discuss how we can help resolve your case.