Where do I go to Resolve a Traffic Violation?

Cesar MontalvoTraffic Law

Oftentimes when we are driving and get pulled over for a traffic violation, we never think in terms of jurisdiction. Jurisdiction is the authority of a Texas court to summon you for the allegation of an offense. If you ever wonder why you have to go to the court that you are appointed to instead of the one nearest your home, then you are thinking jurisdiction. You should note that if you are driving in San Antonio and you are pulled over by SAPD you are likely to be summoned to the San Antonio municipal court downtown. However, if on the same street you are pulled over by a constable or sheriff you will more likely be summoned to the justice of the peace court. The municipality which you are summoned to in order to take care of your traffic violation is contingent on the location of the stop or the footing of the public servant who stopped you.

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